Gum Surgeries Under Microscope And Lasers

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As in the Nike Roshe One Slip On – Mens treatment of root canals, one of the most revolutionalised modern day advancement in treating gum problems is microscopic gum surgeries. Also, at Karnavati Golden Goose Pas Cher School Of Dentistry; gum problems are also treated with lasers to achieve utmost precision and fast recovery of gums post treatment.

Gum surgeries usually include:

  • Treatment of Pyorrhea (treatment of inflamed, swollen, bleeding gums with calculus and tartar around them)
  • Placing bone and soft tissue grafts to increase the width or height of gums and underlying bone (soft tissue graft and bone graft surgeries)
  • Treatment of pericoronitis (layer of gums that can be developed over a tooth surface)
  • Adidas Campus 80s Black Surgery to reposition the gums above any exposed root surface (root surface surgeries)
  • Frenectomies (surgery to help detach upper lip with upper teeth or surgery to detach excessively attached tongue)