Our Facilities

Over the years, Karnavati School of Dentistry has built itself as THE ONE DESTINATION for all the patients seeking any kind of dental treatment all around the world.

Our sprawling dental campus; mixed with the plethora of dental treatment modalities provided within the institute by some of the renowned dental specialists of Gujarat state with world class facilities, makes Karnavati School of Dentistry THE ULTIMATE DENTAL DESTINATION.

Right from when the patient enters in to our dental set up for any kind of dental treatment to the final follow up post any treatment; there is a constant “specialist monitoring for all cases.

Following are some of the treatment modalities provided at our centre:

    1. Oral Diagnosis for Dental Caries, Oral Precancerous Lesions and Oral Cancerous Lesions.
    2. Treatment of Dental Caries with Metallic And Tooth Coloured Restorations.
    3. Root Canal Treatment.
    4. Post and Core Treatment.
    5. Treatment of Failed Root Canals Under Microscope ( Surgical and Non Surgical).
    6. Tooth Cleaning and Polishing.
    7. Tooth Extraction.
    8. Third Molar Disimpaction.
    9. Treatment of Gum Diseases ( Gingivectomy , Gingivoplasty, Gums De Pigmentation Etc).
    10. Treatment for Oral Precancerous and Cancerous Lesions ( Surgical And Non Surgical ).
    11. Treatment of Oral Us Mucous Fibrosis.
    12. Placement of Single Tooth Or Multiple Teeth Implants.
    13. Full Mouth Removable and Fixed Dentures.
    14. Full Mouth Rehabilitation of Adult and Pediatric Patients.
    15. Bone Augmentation Surgical Procedures.
    16. Sinus Lift Surgeries.
    17. Full Mouth Flap Surgeries.
    18. Microscopic Gum Surgeries
    19. Orthognathic Surgery.
    20. Orthodontic Brackets ( Metal and Tooth Coloured ).
    21. Lingual Orthodontics.
    22. Multifunctional Appliances in Orthodontic Treatment.
    23. Habit Breaking Appliances ( Thumb Sucking, Tongue Thrusting, Mouth Breathing, Lip Sucking, Bruxism).
    24. Treatment of Pediatric Patients under Local Anaesthesia, Conscious Sedation as Well as under General Anaesthesia.
    25. Esthetic Corrections of Teeth ( Tooth Coloured Crowns and Veneers).
    26. Tooth Whitening Procedures.
    27. Treatment Under LASERS (Hard Tissue and Soft Tissue).
    28. Regenerative Endodontic Procedure (Apexogenesis, Apexification, Pulp Regeneration).
    29. Preventive Dental Treatment ( Fluoride Therapy, Pit And Fissure Sealants, Treatment Of Dry Mouth and Oral Health Education Every Patient Coming to Our Campus)
    30. Treatment of Trauma Patients ( Splinting, Management of Avulsed Teeth, Fractures).
    31. Dental Treatment of all Medically and Physically Handicapped Patients is done at our Centre.

For all our outstation patients we do help in providing transportation from airport to our campus. We know the value of your teeth and we take the utmost care to protect ant treat them.