Department of Pathology & Microbiology

The term  Pathology  is derived from two Greek words: Pathos = Suffering and Logos = Study. It is one of the basic medical sciences. Pathology & Microbiology are studied in 2nd year B.D.S.

Pathology is the scientific study of structure and functions of the body in disease. The study of Pathology is essential for all professionals of medical and related fraternities to understand the various aspects of diseases.

Pathology includes General Pathology (deals with general principles of the disease),

Clinical Pathology & Systemic Pathology (includes study of diseases pertaining to specific organs & body systems) whereas Microbiology includes Bacteriology (Study of bacteria), Virology (Study of viruses), Mycology (Study of fungi) and Parasitology (Study of parasites and helminths).